A day at the table with Gwen

Ever wonder what a triathlete eats in a day? Well, below is a one-day food diary for Patrick (my fiancé) and me (all measurements are estimates, as we do not measure food). Every triathlete and person is different, and every day for me is different. Below is a day in the ‘food life’ of me from a random Tuesday a few weeks back. This does not include what I drink in a day (lots of water-maybe 3 liters, a sip of Patrick’s coffee, sparkling water, and usually a Silver Edition Red Bull if I have a bike ride). It also does not include treats. I have dark chocolate after every meal (yes, even breakfast). If you see something you like, I encourage you to make it tonight!


Breakfast: Oats with Eggs

I absolutely love this breakfast and never get sick of it! I would say I eat a variation of Oats with Eggs at least six days a week. It is also usually my race morning meal.  


2 cups oats

Handful of walnuts

4 cups water or milk

1 tsp salt

Handful of raisins

2 bananas

2 Tbs coconut oil

4 eggs

Dash of vinegar

Boiling water


  1. Soak the oats and raisins overnight in water or milk (soaking the oats gives them a creamy, delicious texture and makes them easier to digest)

  2. In the morning, slice two bananas and add the bananas and a pinch of salt to the oats with extra water or milk, if necessary

  3. Slowly heat the oats on the stovetop

  4. While the oats are cooking, boil a pot of water with a dash of vinegar to poach your eggs. When the water boils, crack four eggs into the water and cook for 3-5 minutes (depending on how you like your eggs cooked)

  5. Once the oats are cooked and warm, stir in 1-2 Tablespoons of coconut oil, walnuts, and any other mixings you enjoy (some of our other favorite mix-ins: yogurt, berries, dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter)

  6. Top the oats with the poached eggs and enjoy

My sister says "This looks disgusting!" However, I don't think you will be disappointed if you try it!

My sister says "This looks disgusting!" However, I don't think you will be disappointed if you try it!

Lunch: Lamb Beef Curry

I usually come home from the pool and lunch is sitting on the table ready for me to eat (thank you, Patrick!). Lunch is almost always rice-based (Mexican casserole, chicken pesto rice, moussaka with rice, rice/veggies/meat and some sort of sauce). Curry is also a staple and one of my favorites.


2 cups rice

1 pepper

80g mushrooms  

1 large onion

2 large carrots

1 small head of broccoli

80g frozen peas

500g lamb mince

Coconut oil

3-4 cloves garlic

1 Tbs fish sauce

1 heaping Tbs curry powder

1 can coconut cream

2 tsp grated fresh ginger


  1. Cook vegetables (except peas) in coconut oil in a frying pan

  2. Start cooking the rice in a rice cooker or on the stovetop (we use a rice cooker)

  3. Add coconut cream, peas, and spices to the vegetables. The longer you let this cook, the more flavorful this dish will be – patience is a virtue (good thing I don’t normally cook this dish!)

  4. Cook meat in a separate pan with oil.  When the meat is cooked, add to the vegetables

  5. Combine ingredients and enjoy. For a different flavor of curry, add lemongrass to the dish



This lunch (and a piece of chocolate) satisfies me; however, I usually need a snack before the afternoon workout. Today my snack was rice cakes with peanut butter, yogurt, and raisins. 

Rice cake bar: Peanut butter, Greek yogurt, jam, honey.

Rice cake bar: Peanut butter, Greek yogurt, jam, honey.

I did not eat this on this day, however this is a typical snack for me (below is an enlarged photo). Photo was taking by Patrick, who came home and caught me snacking on the couch.

I did not eat this on this day, however this is a typical snack for me (below is an enlarged photo). Photo was taking by Patrick, who came home and caught me snacking on the couch.

Up close photo of a snack I sometimes have.

Up close photo of a snack I sometimes have.

After my afternoon workout, I ate muesli for a protein-packed snack.  Fellow Wollongong Wizard Charlotte McShane shared with me her tip for delicious muesli: Use orange juice instead of milk to hydrate the oats. It adds a sweetness without having to add sugar or other sweeteners. 

Snack: Muesli

One of the things I love about the muesli I make is that every batch is different (and delicious!). I always have a batch in the fridge. It’s perfect when I come home after a session or as a snack before bed.   


1 cup oats

Dried fruit (raisins, dates, dried apricots, prunes, dried unsweetened mango, etc.)

2 cups juice (I use orange)

Chopped nuts (macadamia, walnuts, almonds, etc.)

1 to 2 cups yogurt

Fruit (bananas, grapes, peaches, fresh berries, or whatever you have on hand)

Peanut butter


  1. Pour oats into a large storage container

  2. Fill the container with juice so there is about double the amount of juice to oats

  3. Add a little yogurt, and a lot of dried fruit, fresh fruit, and nuts

  4. Let the mixture sit at least overnight before scooping into a bowl with extra yogurt, peanut butter and some honey if you need more sweetener (I find the honey is not necessary when using orange juice)

My sister says this also looks disgusting, but it is delicious! I was actually just in Auckland with Team USA and Joe Maloy asked Patrick and me "Have you ever heard of this Bircher Muesli?? It's amazing!"

My sister says this also looks disgusting, but it is delicious! I was actually just in Auckland with Team USA and Joe Maloy asked Patrick and me "Have you ever heard of this Bircher Muesli?? It's amazing!"

For dinner, we usually have some sort of potato dish – I love when we have mashed sweet potatoes; however, tonight we had a typical Patrick one-pot dish.

Dinner: Salad without Lettuce

When we make a salad, the ingredients always change, but feta, meat, potato and veggies are always used.


1 large or 2 medium sweet potatoes

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 large red onion

1 large cucumber

4 big stalks celery

1 pepper

1 avocado

Coconut oil

Brussels sprout

2 chicken breasts

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

200g feta cheese  


  1. Chop vegetables

  2. Fry sweet potato, brussels sprout, chicken, and onion in coconut oil

  3. When cooked, combine chopped fresh vegetables with cooked vegetables, feta cheese, and chicken. Add a generous amount of balsamic vinegar and good quality extra virgin olive oil

Salad for dinner.

Salad for dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was finished with a special treat Patrick brought home (see picture below).  Before bed I had a bit of muesli and a sip of Patrick’s beer. 

Two desserts from a local Mediterranean restaurant

Two desserts from a local Mediterranean restaurant

And that concludes one day at the table with me. Hope you enjoyed!


Auckland WTS Race Report 2014

Auckland always seems to surprise me. In 2012, when I came second in the Grand Final, I was shocked and wasn’t expecting it. In 2013, I was confused and out of it after getting too cold before the start of the race. This year, I was surprised again. I came to the race excited, nervous, and confident (maybe a bit too confident!).

The first World Triathlon Series race of 2014 started on Sunday, April 6, 2014, in Auckland, NZ. My support crew made sure I had everything I needed. We had a plan in place to stay warm, but we were uncertain if it was enough. Thankfully, the sun was shining and I had my new Mobile Warming jacket to heat me up. I started the race dry and hot and never even thought about being cold.

When the gun went off, we dove in the water for a 2-lap 1500m swim. I had a good start and exited the first lap of the swim in about sixth position. This is where the race began to fall apart. My emotions got the best of me, and I was excited and complacent with my position. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the swim pack, getting swam on top of and pulled in every direction. The pace was slow, but by the time I realized my mistakes, I wasn’t able to move up in the pack enough.

I got on my bike and didn’t show enough urgency on the eight-lap 40km hilly bike course. I was on the cusp of getting on the front pack, but again, made mistakes and was never in the front pack. Thankfully, a few laps later my ‘get out of jail free’ (Anne Haug) card arrived. A lap or so went by and we were riding comfortably; however, I was in the back of our smaller chase pack when a crash in front of me occurred. It happened quickly and there was nothing I could do. Thankfully the only thing that broke when I fell was my front shifter. I made sure my bike was working and got back to racing. With the hilly course, it didn’t take me long to figure out that I was limited to my little chainring. Anne Haug caught the front group, and our new chase pack lost time every lap. I did what I could, and was thankful no one in our group attacked a downhill when I ran out of gears.

I started the four-lap 10km run over three minutes down from the leaders. At this point, my day was over. I finished as strong as I could, catching only a few from the front group. I ended the day in 12th.  I have no one to blame but myself for this result. Coach Jamie had me physically ready, Patrick made sure I had everything I needed race morning, and my supporters made sure I had all the necessary equipment to succeed. I got complacent and it cost me the race. All I can do is learn from it and not let it happen again.

Cape Town, WTS, here I come: April 26th, 2014.

It was great to see some of my training partners have success this weekend. Special shout out to 'Gong Wizards breakthrough performances: Aaron Royle on his first WTS podium, Ryan Bailie on his 5th place finish, and Sarah-Anne Brault (Sarah Anne CAN aka "I Run Track") on her 4th place finish. 


Me trying to hammer in my 39. Thanks for the photo, Specialized

Me trying to hammer in my 39. Thanks for the photo, Specialized

Entering T2 and seeing too many bikes already racked. Thanks for the photo, Specialized.

Entering T2 and seeing too many bikes already racked. Thanks for the photo, Specialized.

Mooloolaba World Cup

Mooloolaba is a classic on the ITU circuit and a great way to test fitness early in the season.  The 2014 Mooloolaba triathlon was the 12th edition of the race and my 3rd time racing there.  The first two times I raced in Mooloolaba it was an Olympic Distance World Cup.  In 2011, Moolooaba was my 2nd ever World Cup (I came 16th). The following year, in 2012, I came 8th.

I came into Mooloolaba this year with memories of a very tough bike because in years past I’ve lost the race during the bike leg.  But I was confident in my recent progression in cycling.  I knew it would be a challenging course, but I was excited to test myself before the WTS racing begins (WTS races are the highest level of ITU races, and my main focus for the year).

The Gong Wizards and I traveled to Mooloolaba on Wednesday before the race.  It was nice to get settled in and relax after a few hard weeks of training.  I was nervous, but excited and ready.  The first race of the year is challenging, but a very solid indicator of how training has gone over the winter.

This was the first year (to my knowledge) that Mooloolaba was a sprint race. The 2014 race started with a 750m swim in the harbor.  The swim was moved from the Ocean to the harbor for safety as the swell was predicted to be two meters high.  I was bummed, as the Gong Wizards have been prepping for an Ocean swim; however, I respect the decision because it kept everyone’s safety in mind.  The bike was pretty straight forward: a 2.5km out and back (for a total of four laps) with a respectable hill in the middle of each lap and a tight 180 at both ends.  The run used 1.25km of the bike course for a 4 lap, 5km run. 

The race started at noon on Saturday, and I was excited to begin the 2014 season.  The swim was a deep water start, so we were all in the harbor, holding a rope waiting for the gun to go off.  The race started and I felt like I was in an okay position at the first turn buoy, and continued to move my way up throughout the swim.  I came out of the water in 8th and ended up in a bike pack with Emma Moffat and fellow Wizard, Ellen Pennock, chasing three girls up the road.  The bike ended up basically coming all together, with our pack catching the front girls, and then the big pack behind us joining around lap three of the bike.  The run started with Moffat and Ueda taking the lead. After lap one, I was running with the front girls.  With a lap to go, I was in the lead and had a gap. I was able to break the tape, finishing in first.

Opening the season with a win feels good, and it was even better having my fellow countrywoman Katie Hursey cross the line in second.  I’ve had an enjoyable off season, but racing again feels amazing.

I have an incredible support team behind me starting with my coach Jamie, Patrick, the Gong Wizards, Heather Novickis, Specialized, Asics, Holowesko, Oakley, HED Wheels, USA Triathlon, NYAC, ROKA, Dolphin Organics, David Hobbs Honda, Shimano, my family, my friends, and my fans.  Many companies and individuals invest in me, and I look forward to continuing to grow as a triathlete and person this year—and this is only possible with the help of others.

There is a long season ahead with lots of work to do. The main focus is the WTS series. I’m excited to get back to training and to test myself against these same girls--and more--in the WTS opener in Auckland on April 6th.

Race results can be found at: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2014_mooloolaba_itu_triathlon_world_cup/264271


Thanks for the photo, Delly!

Thanks for the photo, Delly!